I’m an orange tabby named Oskar! I’m from the streets of Philly where this house of douches decided to abandon me as a kitten when they all graduated. I was fed food by various strangers because I’m just so goddamn charming. This one house sheltered me from Hurricane Sandy and often during cold nights. I was about to deem that place my new home. Too bad some of the residents didn’t take to my presence too kindly. Haters.

And that’s where tumblr user cottonomz came in and took me back with her to central Jersey (she’s connected to one of those dudes from that house or something I dunno) where I was given free reign to a whole furnished basement!!

… But, tbh, she kinda sucks as a cat owner (she used to pet me with a stick coz she was all wary of me and shit jfc I’m a cat not a damn bear) and she’s got these two dumb dogs that I don’t ever wanna deal with — I can only roam upstairs when those stupid beasts are outside!! Plus she keeps sneezing around me?? I don’t even know.

So I’m ready to bounce from that joint. If you’re willing to deal with my freeloading playful sass, I’m down for you to ~adopt~ me or w/e. Unfortunately I’m neutered (my eternal grudge against cottonomz) and I also got shots from this white coated hooligan called a Vet or something.

Warning: I’ve got moxy.

YOU CAN FIND ME AT PETCO TODAY AND TOMORROW (4/20-21) WITH ARF (Animal Rescue Force) IN EDISON!! Address is 1029 US-1 South, Edison, NJ. Next to that big Home Depot.

Contact tumblr user cottonomz for more deets on my fine feline ass.

Additional photos

Ps- I love me some mothafuggin string

Now signal boost me, doll.

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    Sadly I live on the wrong coast :( or I would totally adopt this beautiful baby.
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    If this cat isn’t adopted by anyone before you get back from Japan, Liz, I think you might have a prime opportunity. 8)
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    Sad that I can’t reblog my own posts. I’ll have to pick him up tomorrow at 4pm if he doesn’t get adopted by then… He’ll...
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    Someone take this cat. Look at that derpy face. You know you can’t say no to him.